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In 2019 the Coronavirus came along and life changed for us all. During covid isolation I had plenty of time to look a little deeper into many aspects of karate that are often overlooked and taken for granted. With no contact allowed and social distancing in place, training online became the only way to continue. During those time I decided to ask questions of my own karate and took the opportunity to produce this book..... Stay safe!

To purchase a book please message Sensei Max Beddow on Facebook for details or for UK postage please use PayPal - £12.50 inc p&p.


I highly recommend Sensei Max Beddow's book for all Karate-Ka and anyone looking to deepen their understanding of Karate-Do. His book articulately presents views explaining the 'Way' of Karate - particularly traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu, based upon his own extensive experience. He blends these insights with effectice, practical techniques and ideas for enhancing your own training. Most of all, his work stands as an example of how to see the positive in any situation - including during COVID-19 lockdown. A must read for any serious Karate-Ka. 

James Fletcher

Hi I just wanted to say thank you for this issue I've only managed to page 6 and 7 and keep repeating my read to digest and understand fully your instructions and thoughts so I can adapt my thoughts and feelings to learn and more it's such a great learning tool thank you

Desmond Livingstone Ffrench

Really enjoying and was so happy to receive this book written by our good friend Max Beddow of Shropshire Goju Ryu Karate Academy

This is a must for all Karateka I feel, anyone who got stuck in that rut during lockdown, those that are disciplined and never gave up, those that are looking for alternative methods of training during that lockdown period and shows you no matter what if your a Karateka it can pull you through the worst times if you allow it to.

This is truly genius and applys to all from any style, or levels. If any TSKC members wish to purchase one drop me a message and we can sort it. A lot I read is a lot we as TSKC have experienced during this period….Brilliant!

Thank you Max Sensei and look forward to you returning to the Tividale Shotokan Karate Club dojo soon

‘You May be a fantastic builder with great skill and design but if the bricks and mortar are poor quality then what can you build’ ‘Max Beddow’

Leslie-Steve Knight 

Tividale Shotokan Karate Club

I find this book a work of brilliance, yet again Max Beddow Sensei has given an excellent example of study, In these unprecedented times the things we take for granted In training have now been given a sense of experience a book that will be applicable no matter of styles or affiliation, it’s the little things that we don’t expand on Max Sensei has highlighted, great read.

Damion Wood

3x World 2x European, 11x National karate Champion.

Lovely surprise when I got to training tonight, Sensei Les and Sensei Steve gave me this book as a gift. I will enjoy reading this over the weekend. Thank you so much.

Dave Barden

Tividale Shotokan Karate Club

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