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I am honoured to play a role within Shropshire Goju Ryu Karate Academy, I find instructor Max Beddow’s approach to karate fresh and innovating, the time and effort he puts into students surpasses many expectations of a normal instructor. I am so proud to be a friend and to be apart of his dojo; I see great things in the future for the students and it is my honour to be part of their journey. 


Damion Wood 


David Mason

I have trained with Sensei Max Beddow and with Broseley Dojo a couple of times this year and have really enjoyed the different perspective that Sensei Max brings to the training - that the fight doesn’t stop, so neither should the training. This emphasis is reinforced by the partnered continuous flow drills, where every technique is taken from the Goju Ryu kata movements and bunkai, not necessarily in the kata order, but flowing into and connecting with other drills from that, or another, kata, so maintaining the fluidity of the response to a continuously changing situation. And all in a relaxed environment.


These couple of sessions have already begun to change the way that I am training. I would recommend Sensei Max and Broseley Dojo to anyone who is looking to improve their karate, not just those training in Okinawa Traditional Goju Ryu Karate Do.

David Mason 2nd Dan

EGKA Norton Dojo 

Sensei Max has been practising karate for over 32 years. During this time he has attained 3rd dan in full contact karate and then continued in the Goju-Ryu style for the past 26 years. He received 6th dan from his former association.

Sensei Max has run his own dojo in the Shropshire area of the country for the past 25 years, he has produced many black belts during this time.

Since attending a gasshuku with Higaonna Sensei over 5 years ago Max applied to join EGKA and  has been an active member attending numerous gasshukus and referee and coaching courses. He has been to Okinawa two times since becoming one of EGKA’s instructors.

Last year at the 40th anniversary of IOGKF a karate Gishiki (ceremony) was held on Okinawa where Max successfully graded to 6th dan IOGKF.

Sensei Max Beddow has become a valuable asset to our association and gives us a base in the midlands.

As chief instructor of EGKA I am proud to have Max in our association.


Ernie Molyneux. 8th Dan EGKA Cheif Instructror

Mark Povall.jpg

I have been training in GoJu Ryu Karate for 24 years, mainly with the EGKA but also with Nisei GoJu Ryu in Florida for a while and I am currently a 4th Dan with the EGKA.

A change of location meant that I had to change my Dojo and I was recommended to join Broseley Goju Ryu by Sensei Roy Flatt (8th Dan EGKA).

I called Sensei Max straight away and arranged to visit his dojo that Thursday.

I felt instantly out of my depth with the training techniques that Sensei Max employs. Every aspect of combat is explored through partner training, such as distance, timing, blending blocks and counters to maximise effect, linking kata bunkai to breakdown structured thinking and to make responses more fluid and reactive.

Suffice it to say that, after 18 months at the dojo, my karate is now far better than when I joined Broseley GoJu Ryu.

This has been confirmed by favourable comments from a number of fellow karate-ka who I have trained with for years.

I make a point of following Sensei Max’s supplementary training advice and as a result I am much fitter now at 59 than I was at 49.

Sensei Max is an excellent instructor and his students are great exponents of our chosen style of karate.

I feel privileged to have been accepted into the dojo and give back freely in anyway that I can.

I cannot recommend Broseley GoJu Ryu enough.

Thank you Sensei Max for your help, instruction, patience and friendship.


Mark Povall



Mike Tibs.jpg

The contract involved a six month stay in Broseley, less than two hours’ from my Wirral home, better yet, a ten minute walk to work. 

The Broseley Goju Ryu Karate Dojo was even closer than work. I turned up early and met Max who immediately introduced me to the guys already getting changed or practicing; I was made very welcome and I was surprised to learn of the strong historical links with Wirral. Max had recently visited Brian, my Tai Chi teacher and friend for the last thirty five or forty years. Later that night, Brian sent me a photograph of them standing side by side.

At first glance I knew all the guys there could look after themselves but I was more concerned that they looked after me, a beginner in Goju Ryu. I didn’t want an injury the first week in the new job. 

The training was realistic, fast paced, challenging and varied. I just starting getting the hang of doing one thing and we were suddenly moving on to something else. Throughout the class, there was a lot of good humour and I found it really enjoyable, even though I felt clumsy, knew none of the katas, could remember nobody’s name and despite my decades of Aikido and Tai Chi training, was having difficulty with left and right. Everyone was helpful and patient with me and I remember coming back to the flat with a big grin on my face and my wife saw instantly that for another two evenings a week it would be just her and the telly.

That was nine months ago, and I maintained the new habit of going through the few katas I was taught, just once or twice a day, nothing too much, even during the few weeks of retirement back in Wirral after the contract finished, after all, they don’t need much space or take a lot of time. I am so glad I did, because now I am back renting the same flat for a couple more weeks of work. 

I was delighted to resume training with Sensei Max and the guys at Broseley. It was my first thought when I took the job. I wholeheartedly recommend calling in to a class to train if the opportunity arises. Whatever your age, background or ability, just come along, I can guarantee you will be welcomed and well looked after.


Mike Tibbs 

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